At Pet Nanny NYC, my care giving goes well beyond just the physical needs of your animal. I truly believe that, as with humans, there is a mind-body connection in animals. As such, the emotional state of your pet is just as important as his or her physical well-being. To that end, I take great strides to reduce occurrences of stress, frustration, loneliness – and yes, even boredom – in the life of your loved one.

"I am here for you when you can't be there for them.”



(The picture on the right was my sweet baby boy Leonardo who passed away in 2008, a gorgeous Maine Coon who walked into my when he was just a kitten at 1 year old. He literally changed my life.  Ask me how when you call me....)


Pet Nanny NYC is a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service servicing fur babies and their families throughout NYC / Manhattan and some Brooklyn. As an alternative to dog boarding or cat boarding or doggie day care, I happily provide services for your pets of all breeds and sizes in the comfort and safety of your own home. I always take my  cue from you. And so, if an exercise or play regimen is part of your daily routine, I will do my very best to do the same. By first getting a clear sense of their emotional history from you and, subsequently, through my keen awareness and attention to detail regarding their behavior, the likelihood that your pet will feel safe, comfortable and content in your absence is greatly enhanced. Thank you for your interest in Pet Nanny NYC. I hope you will use my services for all of your dog walking and pet sitting needs. Let Pet Nanny NYC be your Pet Nanny for life!


HI! My name is Catherine "Cat" - I am the owner/founder of Pet Nanny NYC - A Pet Sitting/Dog Walking/Cat and Dog Behavioral Training Service in NYC. 

My passion for animals began when I was a child. I rescued all the stray cats and dogs that could be found in my neighborhood and surrounding areas. Every time I came home with a new animals, my mama never complained, she always let bring home a stay or wounded animals to either keep as a new family member or I would find a home for. She is a BIG animal lover like I am. ​I started this service because I have a passion for animals and I know how important it is to make sure your pet (our babies) are in good hands when you can't be with them. I will care for your pets in the comfort of their own home, keeping you posted with daily emails, text messages, Facetime etc. (whatever is easiest for you) to let you know how your precious companion is doing. I am not just your average pet sitter/dog walker. 

I have many years experience with cats and dogs. I incorporate that knowledge with every pet visit/dog walk or overnight pet sitting. While I am not a college trained professional behaviorist or a licensed trained professional dog trainer I have a many years hands on experience - I love to share that experience with my clients. Many times I have been hired as a dog walker and their dog pulls. This client benefits from my experience as I will give training advice to my client for free-Just one of the many perks I like to extend to my clients. I am very reliable, trustworthy and honest. I have a passion for pet care, love being around and caring for animals, and I would provide nothing but the best care for your pet while you are away. 

I have no employees. I take care of all pet visits and dog walking appointments. But to better serve my clients I do have a very awesome backup just in case I am not available for the time-frame you are needing service for or if something happens to me while on the service call. My backup - who is as thoroughly committed to clients and their pet care as I. My back-up also has her own Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Service and several of my clients who have used her...love her! I have volunteered for Pets For Life [nycacc.org/pets_for_life_nyc.htm]. It's a pet surrender prevention program connected with the Humane Society of the United States. I do hope to set something up along the lines of what Pets For Life does as far as outreach, over the phone advice (on a broader level), and one day open up a no-kill rescue for cats dogs. That is why I started Animals Ark Project Foundation. Animals Ark Project Foundation is a passion project of mine. I want to help as many homeless, shelter animals or wounded animals as I can. In addition, I would to help educate or bring awareness to what/who harms cats or dogs. 

“Let me take the stress and hassle out of your life.” Something more to know about me: When I walk the doggies: I don't talk on the phone while walking - unless I have an emergency phone call. Then I stop the clock/stop walking to take the emergency call. Then I start the clock back up and continue the walk. I don't listen to music on a walk. I focus 100% on your dog or puppy and the walk. I do like to connect and talk with the dogs/puppies I walk, but it's also a safety issue. I have seen dogs get hurt when a walker is tuned out and not paying attention to what is going on around them - and how can you really pay attention if you are listening to music on your headset or on the phone. 



(Picture to the left is my little man Azulito / Azul (means little blue). I found him in Spanish Harlem on the street - a feral kitty who I rehabilitated - he didn't want to be held and bit. I rehabilitate cats and dogs - he was my biggest challenge and my greatest pride. He now loves to be held and is a big snuggler. )

I service most areas of Manhattan  AND Brooklyn Heights - Please call if you don't see your location below.  


AREAS:  West Village, Chelsea, Clinton, Gramercy Park, Tenderloin, Garment Districts,  Murray Hill, Hell's Kitchen, Midtown-West Side, Times Square, Columbus Circle, Lincoln Square, Upper West Side, Morningside Heights,  Lower East Side, Herald Square, Gramercy, Rose Hill, Diamond District, Turtle Bay, Sutton Place, Lenox Hill, Yorkville, Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Spanish Harlem, Astor Row, Harlem, Strivers Row, Upper East Side.



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Don't see your area/zip code? Call me at 646.883.1010 to inquire about your location. 

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